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Ideal in flat water freeride & freeslalom conditions

The S range is the latest generation of Exocet freerace boards.

Outline compact, proven scoop, original hull, cuts-out, they have been developed to enjoy the maximum of performances and sensations without being too technically demanding.

They will satisfy riders looking for slalom board performance, but less demanding technically and physically.In Pro Model version, they are more nervous and send more sensations underfoot.

Compared to RS Slalom

The S-LINE are getting on the plane instantly and easy to handle in all condition, the tail width will allow you to handle the board in wind and choppy conditions, in addition the S-LINE have foil box ready, sailors looking for high end performances will rather prefer the RS SLALOM.


Exists in 4 models : 100 /115 / 125 / 140


  • Equiped with G10 CNC fin
  • DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • 4 footstraps
  • Equiped with tuttle foil box



  • Molded, AST One shot.
  • Fiberglass & matt fiber construction recovered with ASA skin on deck and bottom
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