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Ideal in flat water freeride conditions and choppy, strong wind conditions. The Cross range is THE reference for Freeride / Bump and Jump windsurfing.
Fast, comfortable, manoeuvrable, it will accompany you in all conditions of sea and wind. The multiple positions of footstraps adapt to all levels, to all practices.

Compared to X Wave

Very quick on the plane, the Cross board are fast on straight line with great control yet it really turns well Sailors looking for a more versatile board in the wave or wavy condition will prefer the X-Wave


Exists in four models : 84 / 94 / 104 / 114


  • Equiped with G10 CNC fin
  • DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • 4 footstraps


  • Moule, fabrication Single shot
  • Construction Bi-axial Carbon 160gr on PVC 100 kg/m3 Deck and Hull, structural reinforcements on the rails
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