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The Nano range is composed of shapes developed to bring the most pleasure to the greatest number. Ideal in flat water freeride conditions.

Accessible windsurf boards for all levels in solid construction.

Proposed at the best value for money, they accompany the riders for their initiation and throughout their progression.

The 155D is equipped with a retractable daggerboard to bring even more versatility to the classic 155.


Exists in six models : 125 / 135 / 155 / 155D / 175 / 205


  • Equipped with molded fin (Nano 125; 135; 155)
  • 4 footstraps
  • Allgaier Daggerboard on 155D / 175 / 205


  • Molded, AST One shot.
  • Fiberglass & matt fiber construction recovered with ASA skin on deck and bottom
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