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Ideal in race and slalom conditions.

The new RS range is Exocet’s slalom range. Each shape has been optimized for its wind range.

Without compromise, all development has been focused on pure performance.

However, The RS, keeps the Exocet DNA with first-rate comfort thanks to the DDSA (Double density shock absorber), an easy curve and a formidable boost to the jibe, to ensure performance in slalom or long distances.

Compared to S-Line

The RS are dedicated for either speed run or racing, They offer a very fast repositioning on tight reaching legs the RS will deliver tail power at all time while sailors looking for a board that has a high top speed and control, The S-Line will be more suitable.


Exists in four models : RS 58 / RS 62 / RS 71 / RS 85


  • DDSA (Double density shock absorber)
  • 4 footstraps



  • Custom CNC Shape
  • Custom finish
  • 160gr Biax Carbon , 80kg/m3 PVC Deck and hull, structural reinforcements on the rails.
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